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Courtney Miarka


Courtney is a spirited and seasoned professional with an extensive background in Human Resources and Public Relations. Prior to her career in executive search, Courtney spent over a decade across a breadth of roles in the Marketing sector, including Contracting, B2B Sales and Recruiting. She became a trusted advocate and mentor to small business owners and local public leaders in her assigned territories.

Early in her career, Courtney began as a Capital Intelligence Research Analyst, where she fell in love with investigative research, business writing and high-level reporting. She devoted her time and attention to building strong interpersonal relationships and effective communication skills, to which she credits her success as a solid and contributing team player.

Courtney holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University, and she served in the Army for 8 years as a Military Police Officer. Outside of Northwind, you’ll find Courtney singing and writing songs on her guitar, strength training at the gym and spending time outdoors with her two children, Gabriel and Noella, and their dog Hickory. She is a firm believer that anything can be accomplished and overcome in life with a large dose of compassion and full transparency.

Courtney Miarka

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Mobile Phone: 615.714.2335