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Myron Radio

Partner, Leadership Development

Myron Radio is Partner, Executive Development at NorthWind Partners, a five-time author, and President of The R Group, LLC (TRG), a consortium of seasoned professionals who specialize in the human factors of performance delivered through executive coaching, facilitated workshops and keynotes.

Myron is recognized as an energetic speaker, facilitator, team builder and executive coach. He draws on his cross functional experience with ExxonMobil and his knowledge gain through over 5,000 executive coaching conversations. He acts as a sounding board, thought partner and trusted advisor to those he serves.

Myron has an impressive list of global Fortune 500 clients to include PwC, World Bank, Microsoft, Clark Construction, ExxonMobil, Bridgestone USA, BNY Mellon, Marriott, Kimberly Clark Construction and Northrop Grumman. He also works with a broad range of cross-industry start-ups, mid-cap and privately-owned companies and with both Federal and Local government agencies. He has acted as an Executive and Organizational Development practitioner, educator and consultant to Duke Corporate Education, University of North Carolina, Georgetown, George Mason, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Prior to founding TRG, Myron was an executive with Mobil Corporation, now ExxonMobil, where he led finance, information systems and project development groups across multiple global business units. He pioneered the Organizational Effectiveness function where he successfully developed and executed strategies, revitalized organizations and delivered breakthrough results.

Myron received a BA from DeSales University and an MBA from Amber University (Abilene Christian). He holds numerous coaching and behavior analyst certifications. Myron co-authored the business books Change at the Core, Plugging into Passions, and Inside Out. He also published his first inspirational novel, Dream Makers – Escape from the Shadows of Fear. His latest publication is the e-Book Leadership Fit – Finding the Right Leadership Role for You. He has produced a variety of position papers, blog articles and videos on leadership, organizational effectiveness, and employee engagement and fulfillment.

Myron Radio

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