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Thomas McDonald

Senior Associate

For more than a decade, Tommy has been assisting companies in the recruitment and retention of A-grade leaders that will help to drive his clients’ businesses toward hitting/overrunning milestones and accomplishing their goals. He brings deep knowledge of the broader technology sector and growing tech-enabled markets as well as a passion for transformation to every engagement. Working across multiple industries and disciplines, Tommy focuses his attention on both the proven leadership performance and demonstrable experience that results in the highest probability of success for his clients.

The son of a US Air Force veteran based abroad, Tommy grew up in rural England, moved to London after university, and entered the executive search profession, eventually being recruited as an advisor to the New York City offices of an international firm. Tommy progressed into team leadership positions at both startup and large, global businesses before making the move to Nashville to join the NorthWind team.

With a background in Computer Science and Management, Tommy has a thorough understanding of technical businesses and is a keen student of management and leadership styles. When not playing golf, cooking, or watching soccer, Tommy likes to study the effects of Emotional Intelligence and the impact of strong or weak leadership on an organization while continuously evaluating new methodologies and behavioral tools that might enhance the selection process for his clients and decrease the risk of an unsuccessful hire.


Thomas McDonald

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