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Xylina Marshall


Xylina is an engaging, adaptable recruiter that supports projects across all focus areas at NorthWind. She is a collaborative team member that lends her experience to expand perspectives and deliver an unrivaled executive recruitment process across the firm’s key industries. Xylina is passionate about the positive impact capable, healthy business leaders can have on shaping organizational culture, which invigorates her to find the right candidate for every engagement.

Prior to executive search, Xylina was responsible for recruitment at the University of Tennessee. During her time in the higher education sector, she developed strong communication skills and focused on building an interdepartmental cadre to best represent the university to students and families. Xylina also dedicated her time to elevating diverse voices at the university through the support of multicultural organizations and inclusion initiatives.

Xylina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Italian and World Business and Master’s degree in Management and Human Resources from the University of Tennessee. She enjoys birdwatching, reading, trying new cuisines, and traveling the world. Xylina is insatiably curious and believes that true adventure lies in learning something new each day.

Xylina Marshall

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Mobile Phone: 870.664.6473