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Alessia Gjini


Alessia is a driven and thoughtful executive recruiter with an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction. She firmly believes in the importance of active listening, transparency, and consistency in achieving success. With a penchant for working across various specialized markets, Alessia is composed under pressure and fueled by her ability to devise strategic and innovative solutions.

Emboldened by her love of knowledge and fascination with the complexities of human behavior, Alessia approaches her work with the utmost care. Prior to joining NorthWind Partners, Alessia sharpened her expertise in the executive recruitment and talent acquisition space, engaging with executives in the marketing and technology space. She strives to scale organizations through exceptional talent through a highly analytical approach and understanding of the subtleties inherent in human connections.

A native to Chicago, Alessia holds a B.A. in Biological Sciences from Northwestern University. She now resides in the quiet Nashville suburbs. When she isn’t running after her young boys and dogs, she enjoys defeating her husband at chess or re-reading Hemingway.

Alessia Gjini

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Mobile Phone: 630.520.5884