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We've been actively engaged in the Information sector, especially on both US coasts, for over a quarter of a century.

We’ve been actively engaged in the broader Technology sector for over a quarter of a century working closely with companies engaged in producing/distributing/storing information, provision of the means to transmit or distribute information across all channels, processing/analyzing information, and, now, companies leveraging technology to further automate and increase efficiency and effectiveness across all facets business and life through machine learning.

We work with the following:

  • Telecommunications businesses that provide connectivity and services related to that activity across telephony to include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cable and satellite television distribution services, Internet providers, and telecommunications resellers.
  • Information Processing, Hosting, & Related Services companies that provide the infrastructure for information/data services.
  • Software Development & Service companies to include those entities focused on SaaS, AI, Blockchain Technology, Cybersecurity, Web & Mobile Apps, and Low-Code Development.
  • Information Services enterprises storing (via cloud or locally), providing & parsing information (data analytics), and web development, design, & content provision.
  • Technology-Enabled Services companies that have transformed the way legacy software and services are being delivered to customers by providing products or services that leverage proprietary technology to produce deliverable(s) better, faster, or cheaper than through traditional means.
In our portfolio companies, many of which are multibillion-dollar revenue companies, what matters is having:
An A+ Management Team
An A+ Management Team
Financial Discipline
Financial Discipline
The Right Strategy in the Right Market
The Right Strategy in the Right Market

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