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Lauren Platt

Director of Research

Lauren manages the framework through which NorthWind conducts firm-wide diligence for clients and collaborates with the firm’s leadership team on both enhancement of research architecture and development of new research components within our trademarked Absolute Alignment process. Driven by deep intellectual curiosity, her desire is to enhance the firm’s market insight and expertise in our core sectors, sub-sectors, and segments as well explore and establish our understanding of and insight into new arenas. Lauren provides valuable guidance to the team by understanding the client’s engagement and ultimate goals and advising how best to leverage internal efforts and procure data to resolve their problems and exploit opportunities.

Prior to joining NorthWind, Lauren was a Project Manager with IDEMIA, a leading provider of identity solutions for military, intelligence, civilian, Federal, state, local, and commercial customers. Lauren was also the Operations Manager for a logistics company serving clients such as Amazon, J.Crew, General Mills, and USPS and an Account Manager for a utility consulting firm serving clients such as Bridgestone, Vanderbilt University, and IASIS Healthcare.

Lauren’s penchant for adventure compelled her to pursue a degree in international studies and French studying abroad at both the American University in Paris and the Sorbonne. After graduation from university, she took a plane to Ireland with a work visa in hand, picked the shortest bus line, and ended up in Galway working in a pub.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys difficult puzzles, reading actual, physical books, starting and stalling DIY home improvement projects and spending time with family and friends.

Lauren Platt

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