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Meredith Jacobs


Meredith Jacobs is focused on identifying, assessing, selecting, and developing executive relationships across the firm’s key industries. Extensive experience in both hospitality and community engagement has placed human capital development at the core of Meredith’s personal and professional success. Her global life experience built the foundation for her ability to embrace a variety of perspectives, adapt to changing circumstances, build relationships within diverse cultures, and navigate the global business environment. Extensive community organizing has developed her client relations expertise, and established an acute competency in identifying needs and organizing around projects to address stakeholder goals.

Meredith’s expertise in hospitality management and passion for creating opportunity led her to launch her own successful hospitality business in 2019, while serving on two economic development boards. She shares a deep understanding with clients seeking to discover and acquire aligned leadership to accelerate the accomplishment of their specific strategic goals. During the pandemic, she had the opportunity to partner with the Mayor of Washington and the DC Dream Center to provide over 90,000 meals to those in need in Ward 7 and across the city. 

From the age of four, Meredith lived with her family in Kathmandu, Nepal until returning to the United States to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Georgetown University, with study abroad experience in Senegal, West Africa. She resides in Southeast Washington DC,  enjoys both SEC and Premier League football, and spends most of her free time around youth and collegiate volleyball programs with her partner, Johnny.

Meredith Jacobs

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Mobile Phone: 202.400.1828