Talent Optimization

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Have you ever been part of an amazing team? Trust, collaboration, and the feeling that one could accomplish anything seems to be a rare experience for some and a mere dream for many.

So, how do you design a winning team? Is it more about inherent capability or constructed chemistry? How do you scale that design across the organization so productivity soars, culture thrives, and top talent stays for the long run? While its often chalked up to luck or gut intuition, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

NorthWind Partners​ is a retained search, selection, and talent optimization firm. For ​15 years​, we’ve been helping businesses build boards and leadership teams as well as determine whether executives, teams, and cultures are well suited and aligned to the business strategy so the optimum outcome can be achieved.

We then leverage the best talent optimization tools to help these organizations with the following:

  • Diagnose impediments or areas of concern
  • Design the most effective plan to address gaps and hire the right people
  • Manage and inspire people to achieve maximum business results as quickly as possible

NorthWind Partners is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world’s leading talent optimization platform.

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