Exposure, Loss, Opportunity & Diligence: The Making of Acentra Health’s CEO Todd Stottlemyer

By Amanda Ziadeh

October 11, 2023

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Jack Jackson was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, as one of nine kids and the son of a local sports journalist. While Jackson and his siblings all attended Catholic school growing up, he chose a different path for college. Rather than head to a state university, Jackson opted to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. This decision became the start of his professional journey.

In this episode, Jackson shares stories of his six years in the Navy, including three years on a ship and two working for NATO, what he learned during this time and how seeing the world changed his perspective. He left the Navy to start a big family, spending years with General Electric working in remote, small towns around the country. He shares how he shifted from business to a human resources role and how his family growing up sculpted his understanding of how to deal with people. Tune in to hear how Jackson ultimately came to lead HR at DCS Corp. and the impact his experiences have on him today.