Investing With Clients

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After two decades of involvement with investors helping to assess and select senior executives, operating executives, and board directors, NorthWind Partners has discovered that the most meaningful way to create optimal long-term alignment with clients is to invest, when given the opportunity, directly in portfolio companies or investments where NorthWind has been privileged to assess and select leaders that have a significant material impact on the business, firm, or fund.

Through NorthWind Investments, LLC, the firm structures investment scenarios with select clients that have allowed us to participate in their campaign towards value creation by either direct placement of capital or the receipt of equity in lieu of cash for a specified portion of NorthWind Partners’ engagement fees. These clients include middle-market, LBO, growth-equity, and evergreen funds, fund-less sponsors, family offices, and privately-held companies.

Our desire in this endeavor is to transcend the transactional essence of an executive search and further bolster the trusted relationship we have with clients by becoming acutely attuned and accountable to the progress of the investment throughout the entire hold period. We truly don the mantle of the client’s angst over the success of an investment because we are now bound to it.