Single P&L Model

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It has been our experience that NorthWind’s remunerative and billing structures promote true teamwork that is of the greatest benefit to a client in addressing their need with complete diligence and in a timely fashion.

  1. Rather than place a billing target on every partner or office, NorthWind endeavors to achieve a single, annual firm-wide goal. Not only does our mentorship model assist team members in developing a broad network of executive relationships, deep insight and credibility across a handful of core markets as well as a finely tuned ability to discover, court, and assess leaders, but the single P&L promotes a naturally collaborative structure that becomes engrained in one’s DNA. It transforms behavior from that of principal self-interest to thepursuit of what is in the best interest of clients and the firm in its entirety. Team members develop into advisors who share data and thoughts regarding prospects, clients, and candidates across the firm without hesitancy and to the greater benefit of all stakeholders. No consultant is financially penalized for the utilization of firm resources. Everyone pulls together to achieve faster and more thorough results.
  2. A lock-step remunerative structure for equity partners drives a loyalty and commitment that are critical to the sustainability of the firm. Equity partners share equally in the primary profitability pool of the firm with a separate, smaller pool designed to reward length of tenure as an equity partner. This allows us to a) retain the deep experience and networks of senior consultants who have decades of proven expertise and success and b) fully focus on our clients rather than unnecessarily dedicating mental and emotional energy towards deciding who, how, and how much of the bonus goes to which individual.

While the lock-step does not apply to non-equity consultants until they have successfully completed a path to validating their capabilities and accomplishments in various facets, NorthWind does offer a very straightforward, transparent incentive framework predicated on a combination of firm-wide growth and consultant responsibility on projects. Our track record and culture reveal an authentic desire to promote from within. Team members understand they do not need to move out to move up.

Our model probably won’t be compelling to lone-wolf stars who demand the attention and remuneration received in other environments. That’s perfectly fine. It does attract smart individuals who are trustworthy, naturally collaborative, and loyal to a healthy environment that will reward them amply for long-term commitment.