From Family Business to ‘Fixer-Upper:’ LMI’s CEO Doug Wagoner Isn’t Afraid of the Hard Jobs

WashingtonExec’s Amanda Ziadeh and co-host Mark HuYoung, managing partner of executive advisory firm Northwind Partners, sit down with guest Doug Wagoner, CEO of LMI, to discuss his upbringing in Alexandria, Virginia, and ultimate progression to the corner office. Wagoner, an only child, grew up in and around his parents’ family business. He learned the meaning of hard work at an early age, spending every summer working at the family business till his freshmen year of college.

In this episode, Wagoner shares why getting his business degree was important to him (and his family), how he snagged his first job after college and how personal relationships were critical to his professional growth. Plus, learn how he gained a reputation as a “fixer-upper,” taking on roles that involved overcoming a big challenge, and where his mentality of taking on the hard jobs stems from.